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Meet the Board of Directors

Elizabeth Springman

Elizabeth is the contact agent and Co-founder of Touch the Life of a Child Organization.  Elizabeth is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and works for the Puyallup Tribe of Indians. Born in Kenya and raised by a single parent after her dad’s passing, Elizabeth experienced what most underprivileged children are experiencing today. It is that overwhelming humble experience that drove Elizabeth to make a difference by touching the life of children one child at a time. While a member of Overlake Christian Church, she joined the mission team to Africa and became a sponsor of two children in CMIA orphanage in Nairobi Kenya. In 2006, she and her husband Anthony helped start an orphanage for orphans who may be HIV Positive and Children who are underprivileged in Emuhaya Village in Western Kenya. In 2008 she also helped build the first three classrooms of Elizabeth Academy also located at Emuhaya Village. Elizabeth’s goal is to build more schools for orphans and underprivileged children all over the world, as well as improve the communities where these children are raised, so that the children can grow in all areas of their lives in a thriving community.


Anthony (Tony) Springman

Tony is the co-founder of Touch the Life of a Child Organization. He is a stock broker and a driver/salesman for ConWay Freight. Most important, his heart is vested in touching the lives of children around the world. Tony was very active in mission trips while a member of Overlake Christian Church. He has been a long time sponsor of two orphans of Christian Missions In Africa (CMIA). In 2006 he helped start an orphanage in Emuhaya Village in Western Kenya for orphans who may be HIV positive and children who are underprivileged. In 2008 he also helped build the first three classrooms of  Elizabeth Academy also located in Emuhaya Village. The school was built so that the children of Omuhabini Orphanage could have a place to get a quality education.


Jerri Corbett

Jerri is the secretary for Touch the Life of a Child Organization. She has served on the Board of Directors since 2008. Her decision to serve our organization was spawned by a mission trip to Sierra Leone that she participated in in 2008. Seeing first hand the enormity of the challenges human beings face, particularly the women and children, living in third world countries, Jerri vowed spend the remainder of her life making a difference. Jerri after dedicating 13 years of her life to her last employer, she moved on to become a Paralegal where she worked in the area of criminal defense. She is also currently pursuing an degree in Data Recovery and Computer Forensics and plans to start her own business. Jerri also has a successful career as a Real Estate Broker. Jerri is currently serving as Director of the South King County (SKCO) Chapter of the Washington State Paralegal Association (WSPA).  In her spare time she enjoys photography.


Doreen Contreras

Doreen is a loving wife and mother of four beautiful children, three sons and one daughter; her husband's name is Michael.  Doreen is an involved parent, wife, as well as a fulltime student and fulltime employee. Doreen is employed buy the Puyallup Tribe where she has worked off and on since her senior year in high school, 1988. She has a wide bredth of experience because she has worked in many of the numerous departments at the Tribe. Doreen also served on the Tribes Board of Trustees from 1993 to 1996. Doreen and her daughter Rachel are looking forward to working with TLCO.